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"Kate is the best English/writing teacher I've ever had. Coming from someone who hasn't always appreciated language and literature, Kate's passion for it was contagious. What would have been my most dreaded class turned out to be my favourite class because of Kate. She made writing fun and pushed me to reach my full creative potential. She taught in a way that was the perfect balance of allowing me to express myself in the way I wanted through my writing, all while challenging me to dig deeper in my thoughts and expression. I can't thank Kate enough for instilling in me a newfound love for writing and literature." - Sid Chard, current student at McGill University

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"Kate has been one of my favorite teachers throughout my academic career. She created an environment in her classroom that allowed each individual to have a voice and taught us how to put that voice onto paper. Kate held us to a high standard because she believed in each one of us. Without having Kate as a teacher, I wouldn’t be the confident writer I am today." - McKenna Brand, recent graduate of Northeastern University

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"Kate gave me as much one-on-one instruction as I needed to reach the high level of writing and storytelling that she knew every student in the class could achieve. I walked out of Kate's class with a short screenplay that I was proud of all because of her dedication and her belief in me as a student."
- Katie Yeatts, recent graduate of Northwestern University

"Kate is one of the best writing instructors I have ever worked with. She truly dedicates herself to her students and is great at reaching others on a personal level. Kate taught me how to express myself creatively and authentically. My personal statement to medical school looks fantastic after working on it alongside Kate. I will continue to use her as a resource for projects in the future, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to take their writing to the next level!" - Sidney Peters, recent graduate of the University of Minnesota